Events and Rates


Non-Member Rates

  • $30 Per Bird
  • 10 Birds Per Person Minimum
  • $10 Per Scratch Bird Taken

Non-Members: Call us at 989-352-7050 to check field availability and to reserve a field.

Member Rates

  • $22 Per Bird
  • 2 Birds Min. Per Member Per Field
  • Guests Allowed (Each guest must purchase 3 birds per person. *Guests 17 and under are only required to purchase 1 bird.)
  • Scratch birds can be taken at no additional cost
  • Monday and Tuesday Scratch Special. There is a no bird minimum for hunts on Monday and Tuesday. All members only pay $10 per scratch bird harvested. On Mondays and Tuesdays only, guests are only required to purchase a minimum of 1 bird. Additional birds may still be purchased for release.

Members: Go to the Field Reservation page to reserve a field.

Corporate Rates

  • $21 Per Bird
  • 100 Birds Minimum or 10 Birds Per Person

Call us at 989-352-7050 to schedule a Corporate Hunt.

Additional Items

Bird Cleaning: $4.00 Per Bird

Guide: $50.00

Meals: Additional Cost.

Check out all our member and non-member specials!


European Shoots

European Shoots have been enthusiastically enjoyed for several years by our members and their shooting friends.  These shoots begin in the morning and simulate English-style, driven hunts.  A noon-time, farm-style meal is then followed by an afternoon walk-up hunt with dogs.  (Guides and dogs are available.  Four guns maximum per guide.)  Includes 10 birds per person. A minimum of 100 birds are released.  This is a lot more difficult (and fun) than most people expect.

Cost:  Starts at $210.00 per person, ten (10) person minimum

Guides and dogs, $50.00 plus tip per half day

Bird cleaning, $4.00

Call 989-352-7050 or Email to schedule a European Shoot.

Chukar Hunting

We offer year round chukar hunting. Note: Depending on the time of the year, only a limited number of fields will be available for chukar hunting.

Call 989-352-7050 or Email to schedule a chuckar Hunt.