Summer 2020 Specials

5-Stand League

Trophies awarded to the top two shooters at the Haymarsh Open House/Pig Roast on September 19th. *Ten 25-target rounds to qualify but you many shoot as many rounds as you like!

Come alone or come with a group!

When: June 22nd-September 18th

League Fee: $20

Round of 25 Clays: $10

Contact us to sign up!   989-352-7050   info@haymarsh.com


First Time Out Try Us Out

Non-member Pheasant Hunt Package

Want to come give pheasant hunting at Haymarsh a try? The First Time Out special is perfect for anyone that wants to get their feet wet in bird hunting or great for anyone wanting to check out the club first hand.

3 people can come and hunt 10 birds for only a total of $250! Plus, each person can get 20% off club membership for the remainder of the season.

Call (989) 352 7050 to learn more and to schedule a demo First Time Out hunt.

Limited dates available. Only one use per group. Guide dogs come at extra cost.

John 3 Pheasant Hunt

Member or Non-Member Outreach Hunt

The John 3 Pheasant hunt is a hunt designed to give you the opportunity to fellowship and speak about God and the gospel with friends, co-workers, or relatives all while having a great time pheasant hunting. Each of the 10 team leaders are allowed to invite 3 people to this hunt.
How it Works
The event kicks off at 9:00 AM with a continental style coffee and donuts breakfast. Each team of 4 will then go out to their respective fields. 10 pheasants will be released for each team. After a morning of hunting, lunch will be held at the clubhouse, and there will be a time for sharing from the Bible about our faith.
  • Price: only $100 per team
  • Event from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Bring your own dog or pay $50 for a dog
  • 10 teams of 4 each
  • 1 team per field
  • Each team is provided 10 birds
  • Included Continental Coffee and Donut Breakfast
  • Included lunch after the hint

Call (989) 352 7050 to learn more.

Monday and Tuesday Scratch Special​

Member Only Special

There is a no bird minimum for hunts on Monday and Tuesday. All members only pay $10 per scratch bird harvested. On Mondays and Tuesdays only, guests are only required to purchase a minimum of 1 bird. Additional birds may still be purchased for release.