Events and Rates


Non-Member Rates

  • $30 Per Bird
  • 10 Birds Per Person Minimum
  • $10 Per Scratch Bird Taken

Non-Members: Call us at 989-352-7050 to check field availability and to reserve a field.

Member Rates

  • $22 Per Bird
  • 2 Birds Min. Per Member Per Field
  • Guests Allowed (Each guest must purchase 3 birds per person. *Guests 17 and under are only required to purchase 1 bird.)
  • Scratch birds can be taken at no additional cost
  • Monday and Tuesday Scratch Special. There is a no bird minimum for hunts on Monday and Tuesday. All members only pay $10 per scratch bird harvested. On Mondays and Tuesdays only, guests are only required to purchase a minimum of 1 bird. Additional birds may still be purchased for release.

Members: Go to the Field Reservation page to reserve a field.

Corporate Rates

  • $21 Per Bird
  • 100 Birds Minimum or 10 Birds Per Person

Call us at 989-352-7050 to schedule a Corporate Hunt.

Additional Items

Bird Cleaning: $4.00 Per Bird

Guide: $50.00

Meals: Additional Cost.

Members can now log in and reserve fields online.


European Shoots

European Shoots have been enthusiastically enjoyed for several years by our members and their shooting friends.  These shoots begin in the morning and simulate English-style, driven hunts.  A noon-time, farm-style meal is then followed by an afternoon walk-up hunt with dogs.  (Guides and dogs are available.  Four guns maximum per guide.)  Includes 10 birds per person. A minimum of 100 birds are released.  This is a lot more difficult (and fun) than most people expect.

Cost:  Starts at $210.00 per person, ten (10) person minimum

Guides and dogs, $50.00 plus tip per half day

Bird cleaning, $4.00

Call 989-352-7050 or Email to schedule a European Shoot.

Chukar Hunting

We offer year round chukar hunting. Note: Depending on the time of the year, only a limited number of fields will be available for chukar hunting.

Call 989-352-7050 or Email to schedule a chuckar Hunt.